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Banter  is a personal project that I've been dying to do for years. After working for clients as a graphic designer, I wanted to do something personal, creative, and fun. I love getting mail, especially postcards and I’m a big believer in telling the people around me that I’m thinking of them.

I hope that you enjoy my cards and that you find lots of ways to use them to express yourself. Postcards tease, encourage, flirt, remind, inspire,  say "hey", and "hey baby". Reach out to your friends.

Use them on gifts, as place cards, slip them into a lunchbox or an unsuspecting pocket. Great as conversation starters and hostess gifts. The right postcard slipped under the right pillow says "feeling feisty". A book mark. Art in your cube at work. Inspiration behind a magnet on the fridge...

To order:

A minimum order is 10 cards and there are 60 cards in our Banter line so have fun. Please spread the word about Banter.

Looking to start a wholesale account?

Please contact me and we'll get started. Just give me a call and let's banter
Banter is proud to be found  on Faire.


Beth Greely


Banter  cards are printed on recycled uncoated stock so they feel really nice!

They're printed in the US and Banter is a woman owned business.

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